Dear Dean,

I've been meaning to send you this message of gratitude for 3 years now.

I know your time is precious.

So this domain is my small "thank you."

Thank you for clicking on the link in my email and getting to this page.

The domain name is

If you'd be interested in claiming it, just hit reply on the email I sent you, let me know where I should transfer it and I'll take it from there.

Or I can simply send you access details for this domain so you can do it yourself.

Whichever way works for you.

That said...

I Promise I Won't Take More Than 3 Minutes Of Your Time! 

Especially since if you're reading this message the day I sent it to you - then, it's Saturday. So 3 minutes from your entire weekend is all I'll allow myself to borrow.

So, really quickly...

Here's what this is all about:

Some time ago...

My Wife Was Convinced I Was Cheating On Her!

She was right. I was. I was young and dumb.

It was at about that time when "
Stop Your Divorce" changed my life.

It didn't stop my divorce.

That ship had long sailed.

But it gave me something even
more impactful than a hope to fix my relationship.

It taught me empathy.

The importance of acknowledging other person's feelings.

Here, I'm not talking even so much about the book — as much as I am talking about the sales copy promoting it.

You see, when I was going through my divorce, I knew for a fact nothing could be done about it.

Or rather anything that COULD be done about it would only... 

Re-set The Countdown Timer On Our Marriage!

Yet, at some point, I thought...

Now was the best opportunity to experience the rush of hope someone in my position feels when reading a world-class sales copy.

A copy which speaks to his most deep-seated desires...

That offers him empathy and understanding...

And subtly guides him by the hand towards a sale.

I learned about, "Stop Your Divorce" from Gary Halbert's newsletter.

And as I went through the "Stop Your Divorce" copy...

With each sentence, I could observe myself feeling more and more hopeful.

(Whilst intellectually knowing full-well my divorce was a done deal.)

Yet, the entire sales copy...

Was Like A Gospel For Me!

After reading it, I purchased the book for a fuller experience.

Again, I
still didn't think it would help STOP my divorce.

But the copy drove the hook right into my brains so deeply...

I couldn't resist grabbing the product it was promoting.

I kept coming back to that sales copy over and over again.

I became obsessed.

My goal has become to reach the level of mastery where I'd be able to write sales messages which would...

Force People Feel The Way I Felt Going Through Divorce... 

...And reading your copy for the first time!

To reach the level where I'd have such a deep understanding of my prospect's problems... my sales copies would seem like a gospel.

Much like yours has been to me.

Mind you, I don't even know for 100% it was you who wrote it.

I DO think it was you.


Because I found the same level of empathy and deep understanding of your customer's pain... in
every single sales copy promoting your other products and services.

(Even in the sales copy selling real estate website building services.)

As you've probably guessed by now, Dean - I'm a copywriter.

My first copywriting mentor was...

Bond Halbert!

He is still a great friend and a mentor to me.

I've written copies for multi-million dollar brands like Viddyoze, RenderForest, and Kyvio. (Mainly in the internet marketing and biz op space.)

And now, I happen to be the chief copywriter at the largest eBook creation company in the world - Designrr. I've written packages (email, sales page, VSL, ads) for multiple courses on writing and publishing for entrepreneurs too.  

By the way, you might have also seen some of the copies I've written for
The Gary Halbert Newsletter.

But all that doesn't matter. Not a jot.


I'm Not Saying This To Impress You!

The only reason I'm bringing up those "badges of honor"... is to set the stage for what I'm about to tell you next.


As I'm sure you know, Dean...

Some copywriting experts suggest it's best to study the craft under someone whose copy made you buy.

Since, as they say,
the way you buy is also the way you sell.

At this point, I only have 2-3 examples of your writing.

But each time, it made me want to...

Whip Out My Wallet And Hand You My Money!

So... I'd really love to study copywriting under you.

I know, I know. You're
extremely busy.

And you're probably getting mentorship requests every day.

I don't expect you to get all excited about this.

I realize taking on the burden of responsibility of having a mentee is not something you look forward to.

But I'm not looking to be a burden. I'm looking to be of value.

And that's the reason I brought up the companies I've worked with a little earlier.

I'm not a rookie. I've had my share of successes. And, I know a thing or two about copywriting and marketing.  

If you know Bond - hit him up. He'll vouch for me.

Yet, I'm nowhere near the level I aspire to be at with my writing. (My benchmark being the Stop Your Divorce copy.)

That said, I'm not looking to...

Steal Your Time!

But, hopefully, add more of it for you.

Perhaps, what I could offer in return for your mentorship is to write promotions you'd either have to write yourself... or hire a copywriter to write them for you.

Of course, if you'd be open to it,
I'd also be happy to offer financial compensation for your mentorship... if I can afford it.

I know you're a highly sought-out expert probably charging thousands of dollars per consulting hour.

And I haven't reached the point where I'm making millions. (At least, not yet.)

And I'm sort of confident my work would bring you more profits than what I can pay you for mentorship.

But - again...

I would be happy to discuss.

Maybe we could even have a mix of both: writing for you + compensation.

Whichever seems more fair to you.

If you need samples of my writing, client testimonials, etc to make your decision - let me know. I'll send them over ASAP.

Anyway. That's all I really had to share in this message.

I sincerely look forward to your response.

I won't be including a CTA here.

Since, somehow it seems ridiculous trying to pressure you into replying to me.

On a parting note, though...

No matter if this sounds like something you'd be interested in or not - I want to...

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!

Thank you for giving me an example of professional excellence to swing for. And thank you for making me feel understood at the time when I needed it the most.


Areg (Ari) Nersisian

P.S. Turning this domain name over to you has nothing to do with the mentorship part of this message. As I said in the beginning - if you're interested in claiming this domain name just let me know. I'll arrange the domain transfer to your hosting provider ASAP.